Mar 21, 2017

Dance as part of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017


The Dance Contest first premiered in Los Angeles (2015) and will now take place for the second time. Dancing is a demonstration sport. The goal of Special Olympics is to make it an official competition sport by 2020 at future World Games.

IDO is very proud that the dancers from IDO National member organization SAPO, President: Miodrag Kastratovic, will take part in the event where the contestants will compete in three different categories: Solo, Couple (2 people/great for unified) and Crew (4-12 people, more than 50% of the crew-members must be people with intellectual disabilities).

IDO is very happy that dance is recognized and supported also by Special Olympics. Especially as one of IDOs main discipline, Hip-hop dance, is open for people with intellectual and physical disabilities and those without since many years. IDO is promoting equal opportunities for all categories, dancing in the same event. Hip-hop is THE dance of the youth all around the world. We are all supporting dance competition in the program of future Special Olympics.

IDO wishes all the best to all competitors taking part at the event.

The IDO wishes Miodrag Kastratovic and all the team from IDO a very successful Winter Games.

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