Jun 28, 2017

International Dance Organisation in Athens!

The International Dance Organisation is all set for its Annual General Meetings (AGM) that are being organised in Athens, Greece from the 28th June to 2nd July 2017. This prestigious congress will see the AGM, the Annual Departmental Meetings (ADM) for Performing Arts, Street Dance and Couple Dance as well as the Continental Conferences.

38 National Member Organisations and over 60 delegates will be taking part. IDO President Michael Wendt said:

'The IDO AGM and ADM’s are very important in the IDO calendar. The meetings serve to be able to develop IDO and are imperative to have successful IDO projects in the future.

The IDO strives to provide a proper place for dance in all its systems of education, adjudication and competition, so will continue to be the World Dance Organisation, par excellence.’

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