Sep 19, 2017

IDO Executive Meetings in Slovenia!

The IDO Executive Presidium Meeting took place in Koper, Slovenia from the 14th to 17th September 2017 at the Koper Hotel. The meetings have been described by IDO President Michael Wendt, as ‘very productive!’

After a Minute’s Silence in respect of the dear and highly respected IDO Honorary President, Bill Fowler, the EPM discussed the difficult task to appoint great people to fill the position of Departmental Director for the Performing Arts (PA). The IDO EPM has decided that Bonnie Dyer from Canada, Ralf Josat from Germany and Julia Plakhotina from Russia, shall form an intermediate board to run the PA Department until a Director is nominated and elected at the Annual Departmental Meeting (ADM) for Performing Arts, that will be held in Korea in August 2018.

Among many important issues and to keep up with the daily work, the EPM worked on IDO’s future, which the IDO President Michael Wendt named in his Annual General Meetings speech, recently held in Athens, Greece, as ‘IDO visions: 2020’. IDO Senior Vice President Dr Velibor Srdic, described the visionary plans as moving in a ’promising way’. The meeting also saw IDO’s Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Kirsten Dan Jensen, presenting a very positive biannual financial report.

The IDO would like to thank IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson-Kocjancic for hosting the Executive Presidium meetings.

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IDO Executive Presidium, Michael Wendt, Fiona Johnson-Kocjanic, Kirsten Dan Jensen and Dr Velibor Srdic