Feb 12, 2017

1st IDO Asia-Conference in Beijing, China – Board Meeting

The IDO President, Michael Wendt, met the Members of the Board of IDO-Conference Asia at the Hilton Hotel Beijing, China on February 10, 2017.

Mr. Jae Young Lee from IDO-Korea, Mr. Oscar Wang Bing from IDO-China and the IDO-President (who also informed the board about the ideas from IDO Chinese Taipei) had a very successful meeting. It was discussed and decided about working together, supporting each other and future collaborations for IDO-Events in the countries.

The upcoming IDO-events in Asia / Asia-Pacific for the next 3 years have been evaluated and agreed. As soon as all contracts in the countries are ready, the federations will apply to the IDO Sports Director for various IDO-events.

The next day IDO-Korea and IDO-China agreed to work together very closely for IDO events and to support each other’s events by sending their excellent dancers. The IDO President thanked the board very much and is looking forward to the prosperous development of IDO competitions in Asia / Asia-Pacific.

During the last few days, IDO national judge’s seminars and exams have also taken place in Beijing.

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